Engineered = E

Mixed = M

Produced = P

Drums = D

  • Andrew Christopher, “When the Night is Long and Cold” (E, M)
  • Oedipus Dick, Ocho (E, M)
  • Lambs Among Wolves, Make us Bold EP (E,M, P)
  • Maida Vale, Signs of Life (M)
  • Consider It Done, I Guess So, EP (E, M)
  • Ryan Larkins, Follow Me , EP (E, M, P, D)
  • Jessica Marie, Self Titled, EP (E, M)
  • Reckless Mercy, Turning Over Tables (E, M, P)
  • Flint Zeigler, “Draw Near”, Single (E, M)
  • E3 LIVE, Lift Up Your Head, Live Recording (E, M)
  • Maida Vale, American Sun (M)
  • Sarah Mac Band, Awakening, (M, E, P)
  • Flint Zeigler, Marks of Another Year (M)
  • Jonny Diaz, Everyday God (D)
  • Koat of Amour, Worshippers Arise (E, M)
  • Cistern, “Not A Mistake”, “Holds Me Down” (E, M)
  • Scott Simmons, The Hymns Album (D)