“Thank you very much Ryan, I love the tracks, and it was a great experience. You are so professional and I look forward to keep working with you.” – Samy Gana Voted Best latin Artist at “Artist In Music Awards 2013”.

“I can’t say enough positive about you Ryan Earnhardt and your skills in not only capturing moments like this, but in coaching people and allowing them to feel comfortable on video in moments like this. Your genius is in the ability to help people to be present.” – Jason Spencer, Tribe.ly, Flight Formula.

“I had a serious emergency when 2 Sound engineers that I hired from Nashville, TN, to create a radio spot with a jingle in it, were unable to create something that pleased my client. I had $100’s already invested in the spot, and was in a complete panic as to how and what to do to get the job done. I contacted Ryan Earnhardt from Lumen Audio, and he agreed to help me out for a reasonable price. Within a day, he had completely re-engineered the entire spot, and made something that was truly amazing. My clients trust was immediately restored in me, and the spot is currently airing on several radio stations. The biggest lesson that I learned from this was that some people just have a God given talent to do a certain thing, and Ryan is easily one of those people. You can have degrees all over your office wall, but if you do not have the talent, it means nothing when it comes time to produce a product. I now refer Ryan to all clients that come through me for any audio needs. He is just flat out great at what he does. I would easily hire him for any audio project, whether it be a track for a film, or a music artist that is looking for a professional demo or full CD, Ryan is my first choice. I cannot say enough to show my appreciation for how professional and easy to work with  Ryan has been, other than to say, if you have an audio need, do yourself a favor and go to Ryan at Lumen Audio, there is not a doubt in my mind it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. Thank you Ryan!”
-Brian Scott Burnette

“My EP came out flawless! We recorded at a fast pace out of necessity; and not a single track suffered from it. I quickly learned I could defer to Ryan’s expertise on matters of procedure, as well as creative input. He set my band up to maximize our potential, and then helped us exceed it.”

-Lambs Amoung Wolves

“Thank you so much for delivering such quality recordings, I wasn’t expecting so many channels of microphones, and really the tone is really really good, it’s exactly what I was looking for, and the recording quality is top notch….. I prefer working with cleaner tones which give me the option to process them later if needed and me more flexibility so you nailed that. It shows you’ve worked hard on this and I’m really pleased with the result. Also, you delivered the files really fast which is a huge plus!

I’ll definitely contact you again for future productions!”

-Stephan, Re-amp client in France

“Ryan’s recording studio Lumen Audio is one of the few places I feel comfortable sending the artists I manage to record at. He has an exceptional attention to detail and really knows the technical aspects of his craft, not to mention he has great gear and a beautiful recording space (especially for drums). More importantly though, he truly loves what he does, which means he consistently goes above and beyond to make sure the artist walks away with the best recordings possible.”

-Michael O’Shea, via LinkedIn

“Man I just wached the video. I was crying in the library where I watched the video online. You made me look and sound better than I do. Thanks brother. I think it’s something we both can be proud of. See you soon”.

Andrew Christopher via Text Message. Used with permission.

“Ryan’s work on “Signs of Life” was nothing short of amazing. He absolutely captured our vision (as well as tones) for the record. We said we wanted the guitars to sound like “real guitars”; the drums to sound warm and powerful; the mix to somehow “breathe” and have space. Somehow he pulled it all off, and did it all with such an amazing and gracious attitude. We felt like Ryan wanted to “get it right” as much as we wanted to — like he owned the record as much as we did (in all the right ways). Through all the versions and mixes, Ryan always wanted to know what we thought, and was very open to feedback and suggestions.

The sonics are consistent, and perfect as far as we’re concerned. We’re proud to put Ryan’s name on the record, and just as proud to call him our friend.”

– Eric Case, Maida Vale

My band had a great experience with Lumen Audio.  Ryan and Isaac were great to work with and they really cared about the project just as much as we did.  Ryan did more than just record us, he helped develop us as a band.  Furthermore, he was a great friend and did all that he could to help us have a great recording experience.”

– Ryan Youmans, Consider It Done

“Ryan, I want to thank you so much for giving us a great experience at your studio.  The time that you take to place the mic’s just right and your attention to detail is unmatched.  You never let us settle for a sub standard recording and pushed us to bring out the best in us. We have been in other studio’s that try to get you in and throw you out and with you we feel like family.”

– Keith Dubose, Cistern